MobileSyncBrowser Pre-Release

For the official, supported releases, please go to the main download page.

Version(s) listed here are under testing and should NOT be listed in 'update tracking' sites

WARNING Prerelease software can conceivably do bad things to itself and your data, so please take sensible precautions before and during use. Your use of prerelease software is solely at your own risk.


You MUST note the 'PRxxx' or 'ßxxx' number if you wish to provide feedback via the support page.

If you find a bug, you may be eligible for a free personal license (or equivalent refund): you must be first to report the previously-unknown issue, attach any files requested to troubleshoot and finally, test the fix. Any files submitted are treated in strict confidence and are used only to determine the cause of the problem.


For more detailed info on changes, download the Read Me text file.

MSB prereleases will work with standard MSB keys, but some prereleases may expire shortly after a new version is released. Late-stage PR releases (final candidates) do not have this limitation. If you are using a prerelease and it informs you that it has expired, just check for and download the latest release.

Prereleases are NOT code-signed and DO NOT include a setup utility. Extract all files in the Zip archive to a suitable location on your startup drive. Your system may prompt you to authorize the use of unsigned software from an 'unknown publisher.' Use of this software is subject to the terms of the MSB License and the prelease provisions noted above.